Gameboot Pack 12

O último pack de gameboots…

DOWNLOAD Gameboot Pack 12


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  1. after i downlode that wher do i poot it in my psp like what file

  2. and im geting a pandoras battery this week and il have 3.90 m33 wher do i get get the homebrew app for 3.90 m33 dus it jest alredy have it

  3. sarry to ask so menny questions but do you now how to hack on socom with the 3.90 m33 kernal add on

  4. ic … very confused scrap … pls clarify them !

    1st. of all, do u have a cfw installed into ur psp ?


  5. not yet but im jeting my pandoras battery and i need help on how to get all that stuff

  6. whats cheers

  7. Open PSPNewsPT (translated) and then goto the tutorials section and read “How to install custom XMB’s”. From this tut you’ll get all the info you need to backup your flash 0. This is really important to easily correct an eventual semi-brick situation, so don’t skip up this step.

    Now for the gameboots…

    After backing up Your flash 0 you’re almost done. Now, just unpack any gameboot pack and copy the gameboot.pmf you like to vsh/resource replacing the original file.

    Hope this helped!

  8. … cool …
    theres no ‘secret’ to put it on … this is very easy.

    after the cfw installation, load the iso, cso files into ISO folder ( ms0:/ISO )

    to install applications, emulators, etc is not hard as well, but my recommendation is: do not do this if u r a new psp user ( novice ). it will avoid the brick …
    1st of all take a look in tutorials, guidelines, etc …google have a tons of tutorials that will help u to do this …

  9. O qeu é gameboot??

  10. what is gameboot???

  11. ………………..

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